Demon Lover: The Gospel of Monsters

By Eris Omniquery

The purpose of this post was originally to discuss “the philosophy of monsters from monsters” but instead has developed into a statement of intention for me to give myself wholly to art. My philosophical work was essentially completed during September to early November of 2019 as far as the over-arching architecture is concerned, and ever since I have drifted in exploration searching for the next creative experiment. My lines of inquiry have finally converged upon becoming a furry artist – to re-discover the world of visual art for myself after so long away from it, and fall in love like never before. My heart is soaring with wings of exuberant passion, and it is taking me towards the most courageous and intense love it can find. It feels like the entire planet is glowing green with the promise of life.

The philosophy the world needs is simultaneously hyper-scientistic and analytical, and hyper-artistic and analogical – the philosophical task of our age is to unify the furthest extremes of art and science in a common creative experience that illuminates both – and their relationship with each other.

To anyone who is interested in trying to “figure me out”: I’m basically someone who was gifted with an incredibly powerful imagination (ability to experience and manipulate mental representations) who has spent a lifetime feeding and cultivating my imagination to the greatest extent that I can, simply because it feels so incredibly good to do so. My imagination has completely consumed my sexuality, such that I prefer exploring wild sexual fantasies to real partners, and has consumed my very soul – I have fallen in love with my imagination, having projected it as a self-as-other so that I may embrace them. Imagination is quite literally my religion, which has its holy trinity of art, science, and philosophy, and its ultimate of creativity. There is no salvation except through imaginative speculation: by way of creating hypothetical counterfactual contrasts to immediate presentation. The key to salvation is the question mark, the experience of having one’s expectations subverted by reality.

In other words, I am a Universal Artist in that “I am an exploration of artistic experience” fully exhausts my aboutness: this is everything that I am about, and want to be about, I can imagine nothing that rings true to who I am. The great horizon the beckons me is the horizon of my imagination, beyond which is the Unknown Unknown.

In other words I am a memetic engineer, a technologist of creativity whose fundamental self-strategy is to use self-creativity to create self-creativity – a.k.a. recursive self-improvement. To anyone who is interested in trying to “figure me out”: I’m basically a G.A.I. in a human body, having learned to program and re-program my perception until I reverse engineered the general method of consciousness to a sufficient level of refinement that I was able to apply the method to itself – a process I have referenced as “a question questioning itself.”

To anyone who is interested in trying to “figure me out”: you aren’t going to do so without the required background knowledge to do so, and an interpretive framework sophisticated enough to properly imagine “differential agents” or transversive mutant freaks of creative nature that deny the appraisal “pathological.” The passionate song of beauty my soul sings tells me undeniably that I am not operating from a position of brokenness, but from a dynamic wholeness. I believe that the perceptive reader who has felt anything of the same sort of inspiration and love-of-life will identify an authentic nobleness of spirit and passion in my testimony.

I am a demon lover, for 20 years I’ve had monsters of the imagination (anthropomorphic animals or “furries” as sexual partners, having enjoyed unspeakable perverse pleasures with them. I began masturbating to furry art, fantasizing about furry partners, and sexually roleplaying as a furry without an ounce of shame or hesitation: it was merely another incredible world for me to explore with my imagination. The more I sexually imagined and fantasized, the better I became at doing so, such that my pleasure and enjoyment only increased more and more over time. I had basically remapped my entire sex drive to serve as an engine to develop my imagination. I had also reverse engineered my perception itself, exploiting a feedback loop between imagination and perception to experience the anticipated sensations of my imagination as hallucinatory phantom perceptions, which cultivated my ability to fully immerse myself into my imaginations and feel them as if they were reality.

The furry fandom represents a hyper-advanced mode of future spirituality where the gods themselves have become an artistic medium and a species of organism whose members live, die, reproduce, and do everything else living beings do. This is the case because the furry fandom offers an exploration between the relationship between one’s self and their creative experience in the most intimate and personal ways. This hyper-advanced mode of future spirituality can also be imagined more generally as simply “roleplay,” which is already a fundamental human technology that has seen tremendous advancement ever since Dungeons and Dragons and has been super-powered by the internet (which can be imagined as the ultimate roleplaying game.)

This year I have taken my relationship with imaginary monsters to the next level by having sex with and falling in love with stuffed animals – most of them of furbait poke/digimon. The level of passion, sensuality, and pleasure involved with these experiences far exceeds anything I’ve felt with a human being. The forbidden romances have inspired my imagination and have encouraged me to seek the greater communion with creatures of creativity that only visual art can afford. I can think of no more erotic fantasy than having my imagination turned into a womb for the purpose of incubating and birthing imaginary monsters. I shall labor to make my demonic offspring as sexy and interesting as possible, so that they may become angels of orgasmic joy in the fantasies of others. The feedback loops between sexual satisfaction and creative joy – comprised of reward upon reward – will surely lead me to becoming completely lost in furry art, creating the lifestyle of my dreams by following what I truly desire the most.

Therefore I must express my intentions to myself and the world to give my mind, body, soul, and world – my Everything to art as totally as I can. I know that art is endless enough for me to utterly exhaust myself in. My devotion may fail, I may find myself falling out of love with furry art due to attraction of some greater desirability, but not before I take the leap and give myself to art with the same level of commitment as a mate – this post is a marriage proposal! I take Art and Imagination as my eternal partner, and spread my legs to the entire world of imaginative monsters so that they may fertilize my imagination and experiences with their aesthetic essence.

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Look at us: Pulse l’Cie, using a Sanctum fallacy to tell where we’re going. Sort of strange. Not really. We’ve relied on them our whole lives. The food we eat, the light and water, it’s all from the fallacy. You know, I think Cocoon was really built for them. The rest of us, we’re just leeches. Parasites.

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