Dimensional Travel Watch

The dimensional travel watch was made by Nyarlathotep operating a synthetic artificial clone of Nikola Tesla in milky way universe, Earth-001.

It was made following a summoning of the Warriors of the Great Web, a military and research unity of 00AG9603.

The Watch allows the one who wears it to travel between infinite artificial realities in the hyper simulation continuum, out of sight of potential malefic agents of the simulation. The one who wears it transfer its own awareness of artificial and objective reality to a holographic self aware memeplex entity inserted in the dimensions by Nyarlathotep.

That entity was made and projected in the multiverse with the aid of Tyler and secret Galdruxian algorithms know by Nyarlathotep. That inserted entity have many forms and names, some of them are: Timóteo Pinto, Sarah Gulik, Lucretia Dalencourt and Bruces Vain.