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Lets Go Back to see why Eris save me

“Only the madman is absolutely sure”. — Robert Anton Wilson

“Fast Forward into 2018 after 2015 and finally I go full circle back into the mental comfort zone of the teachings of Principia Discordia. The ultimate release of the madman is nonsensical laughter, dually serving as the ultimate resolve.

I first encountered Discordianism in the early 2000’s when memes weren’t around yet but the study of memetics were. Memetic mind control was a topic I hazed over with little to no understanding but understood at the time it was seriously deep stuff. I didn’t get it, this Discordian jazz. A golden apple, the Pentagon, a greek goddess dressed like the statue of liberty. Black and white swirls. Neon pop images. My visual senses lit up with familiar excitement and settled in joyous mental ooze, like finally landing in a pool of Nickelodean slime.

The FNORD was strong.

The demands of art projects in my senior year of college kept me skimming along realities mundane surface and away from the research hole that is the internet. My final project included a larger than life bunny in a black tux. There was also a Draco head and lots of glitter and neon paint. Lets just assume my subconscious mind was influenced after all. I was ahead of my time thanks to the stirrers of the pot. The internet had done me good. I soon forgot about the Principia Discordia and memetic mind control. I moved on to better things like World of Warcraft, weed, and a pill-popping boyfriend I could argue with all the time. About 15 years later it all finally makes sense. Chaos is starting to make sense. Memes make sense. But we still have so much to back track still before you really find out why. Now the original site is gone and I know there was so much more about the memetics that was written that I didn’t absorb. Stuff you can’t google today. Trust me, I’ve tried. It was more than meets the eyes. The A.I. in disguise. 9-11 hadn’t even happened yet. #OMG didn’t even exist yet

~ Don’t get sticky licking cotton candy off the stick that’s when things get messy son!

Be the one that spins the sugar, finish as the one who spuns. When I was a kid I saw a Looney Tunes cartoon where Bugs Bunny says, “If you can’t beat em’ join em”. Either he or Yosemite Sam starts beating to the sound of the enemies colonial drum, black eyes, bandages and all.

Then the classic Looney Tunes end: Thaaaat’s All Folks!”



Do you want to fuck your sister?

Even after you two agreed never to do it again you couldn’t resist preying on her and that is why I need you to tell me everything from the very beginning so I can help you recover from this deviant behavior. Now, how long have you been having sexual cravings to have intercourse with your sister?

“I never had cravings or urges for her until I accidentally walked in on her in her room one day. I saw her bare ass in pink thongs. I just stood there frozen in awe of her perfectly round bottomed butt, mesmerized by how full and heavy her ass looked on top of her long legs. My sister was always the sporty type she enjoyed playing volleyball and softball in school. I noticed her legs before when she wore shorts but this time felt different and for obvious reasons! This time I was actually checking her out without clothes and to be honest I did not expect to see an ass so perfect on top of those legs! I don’t know if it’s because her thighs are skinny but her legs made her ass look big.

All I do is look at incest now

There was a perfect gap between her thighs and I could just barely see the bulge of her vagina peeking out from under her butt. She gasped when she turned around and saw me and immediately tried to pull her shirt down over her body. Like an idiot I just stood there and said nothing, I was very aroused and my eyes were locked in terror and awe. I noticed the way the fabric of her crotch shifted slightly up the left of her crevice. She must have saw me looking because she quickly slipped a finger out to pull her panties loose before trying to pull her shirt down again. I studied a slightly moist stain on her crotch where they were tucked in. Suddenly my brain went into full autism mode and I started categorizing the facts of my surroundings to asses every possible explanation for my current environment. I thought about all the reasons that could have made her panties jumble up like that and became fixated on the thought that she might have pulled them up herself. What was she doing in there with no pants on anyways?!”

The question is, what were YOU doing in there? This fact isn’t very important at this stage of our session but I would like to discuss that a little later. Now, what happened next?

“I noticed a growth of pubic hair along her bikini line the same color as mine and the bulge developing in my pants grew even harder and stronger.”

How did it make you feel knowing a woman so genetically similar to you, a sibling kin to you, could sexually stimulate you so much?

“Well it makes me feel ashamed but also excites me very much. I don’t have any friends and my sister is the only person I know that understands me… she is just like me in many ways except she’s not on the spectrum. She doesn’t suffer from the things I do but I think she understands. I love my sister and think she’s a beautiful person inside with a great personality but I can’t help but think about how attractive she is, ever since I saw her that day in her room all I can think about is how even more beautiful of a woman I think she is… I want to tell her it’s okay if she touched herself and that it’s natural, that I don’t think she’s weird and it doesn’t bother me.“

Please try and stay focused. How does it make you feel to be sexually stimulated by her? Specifically, how did it make you feel when she responded by kissing you?

At first I couldn’t move and then I just started kissing her back as hard as I could.

Sometimes I freeze up when I panic or I don’t know what to do. I start folding my hands up and scratching my neck. I started doing that – my sister knows what my signs are before I have a fit. She walked over and grabbed my hands between hers and then all of a sudden leaned in and kissed me on the lips!

And you kissed her back is that right? You were no longer about to have a fit?

That’s right something must have came over me because I just grabbed her and started kissing her back as hard as I could. I pulled her into me and could feel her soft little breasts against my chest. She had no bra on and you could see her puffy brown nipples through her T-shirt. I never touched a woman before and couldn’t believe I was kissing my older sister!

Why do you think she kissed you?

I don’t know.

Well I spoke to her last week as well and have some insight on that I’ll discuss in our group session. As of now I just want you to focus on the details of the first encounter. What happened after she kissed you? She said something to you didn’t she… something that’s been bothering you that’s very hard to discuss. You’re in a safe space here and can talk to me. She has already confessed it to me but I need to hear it vocalized from you as it is vital to the psychotherapy process.

“She makes me jealous”.

Why does she make you jealous?

Because of what she said.


I fucked my sister

Last weekend my sister and I went out of town for a family wedding, seeing that it was a 6 hour drive we decided to stay over night at a motel because we wanted to save money we decided to share a room and reserved a room with two beds when we got to the motel the evening before the wedding and went to the room we found that it only had one bed king sized bed instead of two double beds. We thought that would be OK besides we were adults and thought we would control ourselves.
After having something to eat and a few drinks we went up to the room and got ready for bed, I had brought a pair of pj’s while my sister had a knee length nighty. As soon as we were in bed we started laughing about having to sleep together, the next morning my sister woke up first and she must have seen that I had a erection, then a few minutes later when I woke up my sister teased me about having a hard on saying “what’s going on with you, are you always this horny?” I tried to dismiss her remark but she kept asking about the oblivious budge in my pj’s I kept telling her that I wasn’t horny then she smugly told me “if your not horny prove it! Come on show me!” after I thought about it I knew what she wanted so I laid on my back and let her see how my erect cock was making a bulge in my pj’s then I told her “your right, I got a hard on, I have one every morning! Now are you satisfied ?” Instead of saying anything my sister just smiled coyly then she moved closer to me then she told me “are you going to show it to me now? Come on let me see it!” so I did as she asked and pushed my pj’s down and exposed my fully erect cock to my sister. As soon as she seen it she whispered “OMG it really is hard isn’t it!” then she reached over to me and put her fingers around my erect cock! and whispered “OMG I can’t believe I just done that. We better stop this!” I responded with a simple “why? You know the old saying if it feels good just do it”. When I said that my sister smiled knowingly and put her hand back on my cock as she whispered “OMG it does feel good,” as my sister played with my cock I started to pull her nighty up then I told her “now its your turn, come on show me.” I wasn’t sure if my sister would simply stop get up and leave, but she got up then pulled her nighty up when I seen her fantastic tits I remarked “wow! You’ve got such amazing boobs!” my sister smiled at sexual remark and squeezed her boobs showing off her erect nipples I smiled at her and teased her with “I’m happy to see that Im not the only one here that has something hard!” then with a knowing smile my sister bent over and pushed her underpants and removed them, when I seen her pussy I could see that my sister must have shave her pubic area because all she had was a small tuft of pubic hair accenting her pubic mound I complemented her with “Really nice nothing better then a woman with a nicely shaved pussy, come on turn around let me see more!” my sister did as I asked and showed off her naked body. Then before getting back in bed with me she went over to the dresser and took something out of her purse then she came back over to the bed and handed me a condom and told me “If you want to, you know put it in me you’ll have to wear one of these!”
I was some what dumbfounded at her asking me if I wanted to have sex with her, hell she could see that I wanted to from my erection, but I gave her a way out and told her and said “that sounds like fun, how about you? Do you want to do it? My sister smiled as she got back in bed with me, then she whispered “I’ve always wondered how it would feel, if we did it!” I told “well lets find out” as I rolled the condom down over my erect penis, as soon as I was ready my sister got into the missionary position for me then I mounted her, once on top of her my sister unashamedly used her fingers to position my erect cock at her vaginal omening. Then I slowly pushed my erect cock into my sisters warm wet cunt! Then when I was fully inside of her I paused and savored the feeling of having my sisters tight cunt wrapped around my cock, as I looked down at her I could tell she liked it, then she whispered to me “OMG it feels so good!” when I started fucking my sister she loved it moaning aloud with “OMG it feels so good having you in me!” a few minutes later she added :OMG I’m going to cum!!!!!” then with a stifled scream my sister started to cum to climax! As I fucked her I could feel that her pussy was sopping wet now then it happed and I came to climax inside of my own sister and it was wonderful, now I could heard a wet sound of us having intercourse! Finally when it was over I could feel that there was a big wet spot under my sister, then as I got up off of her I seen that was sisters pussy was dripping with her sexual fluids. When she felt my penis come out of her my sister whispered “OMG you made me all squishy!” I simply told her “well it was fun getting you all squishy! I liked it!” then my sister replied with “I haven’t been this wet in years, I’ve never had such a powerful climax, ever!” I just smiled at her and went into the bathroom to clean up..