Imagine that maybe you could be wrong

By Colin Miller

Let loose of attachment to ideas that you have clung to so tightly that you have practically paved a neural pathway to them… instead let your thoughts flow like a river producing tributaries to new possibilities of relaxing your thinking and entertaining thoughts you wouldn’t ordinarily.
The rigidity of belief that has taken the form of tension in your muscles and ulcers in your stomachs can be reversed if you come into your bodies and breath, relax, let go.
Who do you need to forgive? What have you not forgiven yourself for? Who do you think you need forgiveness from? What is the real source of your angst?
Imagine old Bob lighting up and laughing at the things you are most upset about.
Are you able to see humor in the world?
Can you laugh at yourself?
What areas of your thinking lack levity?
Imagine what Bob would like about your political adversaries… imagine a story where the earth is flat and Australia is fake written by him where the people you think are the worst are actually saving everyone.
Imagine you’ve been wrong about a strongly held belief.
Work your way back to the end of belief in general.
When is the last time you practiced maybe logic?
Perhaps the opposite of what you have modeled your identity around is a valid perspective… Return to this mindset the next time you are taking yourself too seriously and you are really convinced someone else is terrible.
Recall the cosmic schmuck principle regularly and meet the cosmic schmuck within.
Knowing you are a cosmic schmuck think of at least five alternatives to your interpretation of events.
Imagine Democrats are actually great… Imagine Republicans are actually great… Imagine they are secretly working together to save the world…
Now imagine they are each other’s late night booty calls and neither care about anyone else…
Now imagine they are both just stacks of raccoons in suits. Imagine different versions of reality were released in different areas of the country like the ending of the movie Clue when it was released in theaters.
Imagine everything is exactly as it seems and people are trying their best.
Imagine nothing is as it seems and the best seeming actors in society are the most nefarious.
If there was a surprising third act reveal in your reality who would be the secret villain you’d never suspect and who would be the unlikely hero?
Imagine that your own mindset projects the outcome of the universe you live in and your own attitude produces your interpretation of the actions of others.
What changes to your thinking would you entertain then?
This has been an invitation to decompress and deprogram yourself and to once again invite play into areas of thinking that have become unconsciously dogmatic and/or stagnant.
(As a Pope) I give you permission to laugh about something you have been too serious about… step into your body, let go, dance by yourself. No one is to blame, it happens to us all, consider this basic human maintenance…
“Belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence.”
– Robert Anton Wilson
“The totally convinced and the totally stupid have too much in common for the resemblance to be accidental.”
– Robert Anton Wilson