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AEON ASTRI – Disenchantment & (Re)enchantment of the Psyche in Jung’s Worldview of Aeon

The Return of the Goddess: Mythology, Witchcraft and Feminist Spirituality | Carole Cusack

The Kiss of Creation – The alchemical ‘coniunctio oppositorum’ in the Rosarium Philosophorum including a short history of ‘sacred marriage’ (ritual) symbolism in ancient Near-East texts and Valentinian Gnosticism.

Worshipping Life Rather Than Death

The Game of Life – Timothy Leary with Robert Anton Wilson

Naked Therapy

Joyce and Tao

Discordian Babel – a collection of different interpretations on discordianism

The Omniquery Initiative – How To Save The Universe – an incomplete tutorial

The Path of Chaos – by St. Hugh, KSC, Ignifactus of Malaria

Lucretia Dalencourt – a non-existent existence

Sarah Gulik – Erisian Post-Neoist Amour Fou Muse

Synchromystic Neoism Connections

‘Pataphysics A Useless Guide by Andrew Hugill


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