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From internal reflection and the uncomfortable search

The senses are the doors of external perception, but there are also the senses of internal perception, of reflection. We live in a very large house and only a small group of rooms is known to us. He who turns his awareness to his inner sense of smell feels that there is something wrong in his home, a putrid odor, for some as subtle as the scent of a blooming lotus, for others as discreet as an elephant in a crystal shop.

Smell guides us through the unknown mansion, strange and familiar rooms follow until the cause of putrefaction is found, feces. Then the other senses are awakened, the fool is horrified by the scene, is quick to get rid of the abject fact, the feces. The sage engages in relating to the feces, everything present: the nose, the eye, the ear, the hand, the tongue. Sage and feces like one.

The sage understands the nature of the fact, the sage is the fact. The fact-sage seeks its genesis, captures all evidence and by its volition apprehends the causes. All the senses in unison, the sage advances beyond the fruit and reaches the root, a dog. The dog is stubborn and messy, the foolish sage beats the frightened dog who runs away to keep leaving shit around the house, but this time hiding it more efficiently.

The wise sage once again sees beyond the immediate, cares for and educates the dog with love and care, but firmness and purpose. The messy dog ​​becomes the friendly best friend of the wise, obedient, and loving sage. With this there is no more feces inside the house, but only in the garden making flowers grow.

3rd Pope Cinereo the Second, S.D.C :.

Sheogorathian Discordian Cabal



Mankind must aknowledge the sturdy cuteness

By Pope Ytumith

There is a feature that is a mix of strength and adorableness that all prophets and gods share. This cuteness is like a color that we can barely see. Cats have it. All children and robots have it. This feature is not an ability or power and can not be reached through meditation or science and one can not raise children accordingly but all religions try.

To be enthusiastic about this innocent adoreableness, the moe that dwells in peacefull things, is the main motivation of all cultures. It exists outside of hodge and podge and isn’t a source or a consumer of anything. But our shared worldwide reaction to it is perhaps enough to unite our causes. To scout the universe in search for it.