Discordian Glitch Analysis System (D-GAS) Type 2 (additive) Glitches

Let’s look at various types of Glitches under the Discordian Glitch Analysis System, also known as the D-GAS.

2A. A true doppelgänger, observed by person experiencing anomaly. You see a copy of yourself acting independently from you. This is verified that this is not just a random person who looks like you or a twin, but you.

2B. An extra instance of an item appears after being used. This could be the like the account of Jesus repeatedly pulling bread and fish out of a small basket to feed 5000 people, which would easily fall under this classification. Maybe you only had enough fuel to last the day and it lasts an extra week.

2C. Outside party sees the observer do something or somewhere the observer did not do or has not been. Like a type 2A anomaly from the opposite perspective.

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source https://thegame23.eu/discordian-glitch-analysis-system-d-gas-type-2-additive-glitches/


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