R to @Real_TheGAME23: i think Dr.Wanus is https://ift.tt/EciRG40 #NoART Fasion ….. https://ift.tt/JuyASBN lets build @44Fnord … 🔸⃪᪳🔹⃪᪳🔸⃪᪳🔹⃪᪳🔸⃪᪳🔹⃪᪳🔸⃪᪳🔹⃪᪳🔸⃪᪳🔹᪳ 🔹⃪ͬ🔸⃪ͤ🔹⃪ͮ🔸⃪ͦ🔹⃪ᷞ🔸⃪ͧ🔹⃪ͭ🔸⃪ͥ🔹⃪ͦ🔸ᷡ 🔸⃝⃪🔸⃪᪳🔸⃪᪳🔹⃪᪳🔸⃪᪳🔹⃪᪳𐦂

i think Dr.Wanus is

#NoART Fasion …..
lets build @44Fnord

source https://nitter.net/Real_TheGAME23/status/1501350398208131075#m


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